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The best time to become a Budding Existentialist

A Global pandemic.
An apocalyptic world.
We’ve buried ourselves in our houses,hoping it’ll pass.
To be honest,
i feel time has never ever been a better companion than this before.
From the existentialist Albert Camus’ The Plague taking over the world again to the realization of the fact that we’re surrounded by death at all times and it comes for all of us the same, no matter what we are in society or in any other standings. Death is the ultimate equalizer.

With the sheer coolness of Existentialism
and the existentialist Albert Camus,
is also linked the style and persona of
James Dean
Camus had adopted in his own lifestyle.
The two aspects combined make a gentleman with the sharpest and wisest of intellect and looks. A trait seldom found.
it’s time we make Philosophy globally glamorous again and bring reason and logic back into our human existence.

The whole world has become a stage yet again for the Existentialists .We’re free, and yet trapped.
It’s this meaningless void of existence that we’re trapped in and all we have to do is serve time.
Well aren’t our normal lives just the same too, but just a little more complex, with no proper overview of it?
right now,
instead of crying about our situation ,being trapped in our homes like boring individuals,
we can actually adopt an existential nihilist mindset which would just swap everything with a movie scene,with all of us being the star of our own movies and all of us would be one academy-award deserving method actors a piece.
Wouldn’t that be fun?
But wait, isn’t that what we do in our normal lives as well?
Aren’t we all living stories in our heads all the time?

6 thoughts on “The best time to become a Budding Existentialist

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    1. Friend, i wrote that life is meaningless and we’re here to barely serve time. But realizing this requires a lot of self reflection and questioning things. Which most people do not do. If we reach deep inside us, we’ll realize that nothing is certain and there is no preordained meaning in life. We’re barely here to exist. And that, blows the mind away. If one reaches that level of realization, the psyche starts to take a toll on the person since the person via thinking and questioning develops a keen insight that the majority lacks. The majority never questions. Bcoz it’s really hard to dig deep within.


    2. And if we think we’re on the beach and enjoy the present, and keep doing the same day after day after day, and eventually the meaning would fade away. It’ll become boring. The sunsets wouldn’t be of help anymore.
      Thus, this is another example of how everything becomes boring after a while, and proves the philosophical belief that life has no meaning, and even a thing that excites us momentarily would become boring later on.

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      1. And those of us who were belessed with an ADD personality won’t usually have that problem of boredom because we are always jumping from one focus to another and back again!


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