The Lord has never spoken from the heavens, if there is one. Yet,a handful have still retained their sanity throughout. But due to the absence of a proper order in the midst of this absurdity or the lack of a guide to life,logic and sanity, humans have lived in disarray and have exploited each other for one insecurity or the other,which i believe is not expected from a wise species.

Therefore, this blog, is born before you, to create the best breed ever by combining the sheer class and learnings of the centuries past, to restore the balance, to rid the sane and make common sense a common phenomenon. And above all, to help individuals face themselves aka reality and not to be fooled by vices, present both outside and inside us, on the path of becoming one with the stars since nothing really matters.

"Not all those who wander are lost.
why not lose ourselves among the stars."

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