Humans are their own biggest enemy,trying to kill their own self.

It's funny how for centuries, humans had been exploiting lands and calling themselves kings and what not, all in the name of quenching their insecurity that they are a nobody, a non-entity in this mighty universe, yet disguising their brutal and unforgivable acts with mighty words like Empire and Kingdom as if such erections reaped... Continue Reading →

Stoicism can help you deal with the horrors and heartbreaks of the pandemic

Seneca "We suffer more in imagination, than in reality", said Seneca once.And thus, to prevent any such unnecessary amplification by the mind, Stoicism comes into play as the cure. Stoicism has been a common thread though some of history’s great leaders. It has been practiced by Kings, presidents, artists, writers and entrepreneurs. Marcus Aurelius. Frederick... Continue Reading →

Can the world ever be one?

With Covid-19's entry onto the world scene and thousands of deaths globally, it seems that, only for a brief moment but, the world has become one. And we, the people, have united. Human beings are feeble creatures with more biases and insecurities than the stars up there in the skies, although we know it or... Continue Reading →

The best time to become a Budding Existentialist

A Global pandemic.An apocalyptic world.We've buried ourselves in our houses,hoping it'll pass.To be honest,i feel time has never ever been a better companion than this before.From the existentialist Albert Camus' The Plague taking over the world again to the realization of the fact that we're surrounded by death at all times and it comes for... Continue Reading →

Why so ugly, on the inside?

Theseare the times of a global pandemicand all that the majority of the world has been asked to do is stay at home, by themselves.It shouldn't be that hard.But why is it so hard?Why does it seem to be? "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone", said... Continue Reading →

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