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My Story

For me, life had begun in the gutters.
I was born into an orthodox and toxically dictatorial indian family where everyone seemed to know everything in the world and maybe they even thought themselves to be the masters of the very universe in their minds.

Till the first half of my teenage years, i remained their blue-eyed boy aka the best at academics, and this and that and all of that.
And yet, in my opinion, all i actually was, was a mere sheep whom the the world applauded for being excellent at eating the grass that they expect you to eat anyway.

And then one day, my life came to a sudden halt. In the blink of an eye i had lost it all. In a succession of events over the years i went from a merely broken-hearted individual to a man who had lost all meaning in life, and couldn't find any even after i was done trying and searching for it. All this happened in the span of about half a decade. For five long years straight, i was a dead man walking.

But then, realizations started to come to me.I had been sharp in the mind of course, or at least that's what the ones who knew me used to think.But for years i had been travelling inside of myself discovering newer horizons and often the one known as me.Therefore, i consequently started evolving and shedding my skin off. I started to feast on awareness. I developed insights and could see through things, events and the world and could tell exactly what was wrong with it all.I started to weigh the thread called reality with the infinity that engulfs it and observed how if the thread became too static or tightened, supposedly an ideology, would face enormous tension and could break easily.

I started to see the ideal,ever-growing,ever-expanding picture.

I realized that we've fallen from the stars.
That we're all made of star stuff.
That all of us have the cosmos within us.
And i could see it all with my eyes closed.

And then i self-educated myself to the point of self-dependence.
I learned about the best minds and the people of the centuries past. The sheer class, intellect and sharp wits of the best of the best always remained the most attracting thing ever.

And then, i took a decision.

To make a change!
To make the stars come alive in each and everyone of us.
To stir love in the cosmos present within each and everyone of us.
To create the best kind possible via the accomplishments of the times past and the sheer class and intellect of the most elite ones who've passed by, ranging from art to architecture, aesthetics to philosophy, science to uncertainty and common sense to the need of feminism.
So that no one else ever ends up the way i did.
At worst,ignorant.

So gear up, to become the best breed that has ever existed. In every sense ranging from philosophy to a strong personality. 

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For Love is the only cause.

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