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Ciao esseri!

Welcome to Aman kurt Phoenix’s (aka Lord Phoenix’s) Blog!

This, the cult of personality blog, aims at creating the best breed of homo sapiens ever by reigniting and learning from the sheer class of the centuries past, whether it was the best of the Gothic times or the mesmerizing culture of the Italians, the unmatched class of Jimmy Dean or the otherworldly intellect of the thinkers , makers and rockstars of the world.

This blog, aims to wake up the music that sleeps within one and all to unite you with ‘The-starry-Way’ within you.

If you wish to see what you can ‘be’ , join along. The blog will make you a complete being, starting with philosophy and ending at personality, and you’ll become content with who you are and your life, living every forthcoming moment with ecstasy.

All of this via voyaging and exploring and losing your being in the ever interesting aspects of psychology and astronomy , philosophy and poetry, music and art, fashion and literature, acting and god and on and on goes the ever-exciting list to infinity.

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Oscar Wilde

“To define is to limit. “

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