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Can the world ever be one?

With Covid-19’s entry onto the world scene and thousands of deaths globally, it seems that, only for a brief moment but, the world has become one. And we, the people, have united.

Human beings are feeble creatures with more biases and insecurities than the stars up there in the skies, although we know it or not.
And because of all of that,
all of the insecurities and our own ridiculous selves standing in our ways, the world has resulted in the thing that it is today. We have nationalism, intelligence agencies, this, that, all for the sake of what?
It’s funny what the human world is.
Since they seem less of an intelligent and well thought-out breed and more of a balloon.
With each individual being a balloon and making up the global whole.
We like to be inflated with one sense of superiority or the other, and we can go to any extent just to fill more and more air in ourselves, in a Freudian sense, you know.

But right now when the only important thing that truly matters, that is our lives, is at stake, the world has become one which
has led to a global unification of ideology in the name of brotherhood, which i suppose, should have always been the case or at least the collective goal of evolution since forever.
We should have been one since day one and should have progressed together as a species towards betterment and harmony of one and all, nature and the universe included.

And yet, the question remains.
Do humans have enough poise and character in them?
Will humans be still unified as a whole and work together as a global team or will once again go back to their respective balloon inflation strategy and attempt to further their greed, roaming the planet like The Alexanders and The Napoleans,
living fantasies in their heads and exploiting the eternal world in effect just for the sake of their internal insecurities.
Well,even the nomadic genius Diogenes once taunted Alexander that he couldn’t tell the difference between Alexander’s father’s bones and that of a slave’s.
How does being a king make a difference than being a slave.
The stories don’t matter.
Dust does.
None takes a thing back into the earth.
Both live and breathe the same air, with the air being the most important thing, not tales of glory, nothing.
If you know what i mean.

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