The Art and Soul!

Realizations elevate the being. Art is the innocence in a child's giggling faceand the wisdom in the freckles of a granny in old-age.Art is love in its most innocent form.Art is the painting of a girl doing ballet with ecstatic forms.Art is in the heart and the eyes of the beholder.It isn't merely a masterpiece... Continue Reading →

Hang-Out (A poem to a nihilist that recently committed suicide)

A poem to the gifted Nihilist Sushant Singh Rajput I was so attached to youi could feel the life in you.That aching in your chesti could feel where it used to always hurt you, ache you.I could feel your mind moaning, screamingin the agony of the perpetual pain,gasping for love! I could feel your mind... Continue Reading →

Life is but a mirage of dreams!

Life is but a mirage of dreams!A myriad of black swans and fallen wings.Life is but a battlefield of the maniacs!A medley of feeble minds and their assaults contextualized. Life is but a mirage of love;the mirrors of hearts broken and the feelings dripping blood.Life is but a cloud of smoke;arising from cigarettes set ablaze... Continue Reading →

Do you talk to the winds

Do you talk to the windsand they tell you your answers!In their own secret languagein a tongue that a very few have mastered!Do the winds whisper secretsabout the world's mysteries in your ears!Do you know that they too have feelingsand become all silent when they're hurt by someone dear!Do you you that they love us... Continue Reading →

The Veil!

Every thing is a veil,in this mysterious world. Every day -a riddle.Every act -an escape from misery.Every life -nature plays.Every death -nature's way.Every calamity -a necessity?Is the universe a poetry? Is the crippled beggar limping across the street -really what he seems to be?What if he's not what he looks but actually some divinity?How can... Continue Reading →

To be Young and a Revolutionary!

If you're youngand you've not been madly in love,If you're young,and you've not lost and found your heart when drunk,If you're youngand your heart's never skipped a beat or two,If you're youngand you're never got your heart broken to an extent that it ceased to be,If you're youngand you've never had your soul burnt and... Continue Reading →

The Poet and The Verse (2.0)

The complete form of the poem. What if the one who made this verseis a poet?What if he’s a man who drinks too merrily?If not, then why does his creation seem so magnanimous and yet so silly?If not, then why do the planets seem drunk and wobbly,and the stars always ready to kill each other... Continue Reading →

The nights are an ecstasy to the poets

Wake up the poetry that sleeps in you! The nights are an ecstasy to the poets!Often drunk onthe ecstasy and the pain,they end up with worlds woven together anda glass emptied of wine,all in a single wakeof - thenight! -Lord Phoenix

The earth has a spirit of her own

I write poems when i don't serve my purpose. The earth has a spirit of her own,a beauty of her own.From the leaves dancing in the windto the ripples singing in a pond,from a mountain hanging out with the cloudsto a river racing down to lose herself in thearms of her lover.Every element,has a soul... Continue Reading →

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