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Stoicism can help you deal with the horrors and heartbreaks of the pandemic


“We suffer more in imagination, than in reality”, said Seneca once.
And thus, to prevent any such unnecessary amplification by the mind, Stoicism comes into play as the cure.

Stoicism has been a common thread though some of history’s great leaders. It has been practiced by Kings, presidents, artists, writers and entrepreneurs. Marcus Aurelius. Frederick the Great, Montaigne, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Theodore Roosevelt, General James Mattis, —just to name a few—were all influenced by Stoic philosophy.


What Is Stoicism?

• Stoicism is a tool in the pursuit of self-mastery, perseverance, and wisdom: something one uses to live a great life.

“Of all people only those are at leisure who make time for philosophy, only they truly live. Not satisfied to merely keep good watch over their own days, they annex every age to their own. All the harvest of the past is added to their store. ” — Seneca

Stoicism was found by Zeno in Athens around 3rd century bc.
It teaches us that the path to Eudaimonia (fulfillment) lies in accepting the moment as it presents itself, by not allowing oneself to be controlled by the desire to seek pleasure or avoid pain, by using one’s mind to understand the world and to do one’s part in nature’s plan, by working together and treating others fairly and justly.

• Thus, being a stoic means being the same person throughout, in both pleasure and pain.
It means to be in complete control of the mind.
Thought difficult to attain, it can reap us ‘the actual good life.’

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There is much more to stoicism than this, yet the main idea is to stay the same person at all times, come what may.Build character and stay an elite in the mind.

One can ‘practice misfortunes’ and ‘train perceptions‘ to gain control over the mind, to not let it sway along with the circumstances.
Also, success should be kept an eye on, since it gets to the mind more easily than failure or pain ever does.

Therefore, being a stoic can be a real aid to us specially when faced by an invisible enemy, who often firstly numbs us in the mind and then slowly takes over our being, choking us and our loved ones to death. Thus, to prevent the unnecessary psychological effects of such an enemy and also to not sway when we lose our loved ones, Stoicism can be our friend.

Stoicism can help us deal with the circumstances, come what may.

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