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Humans are their own biggest enemy,trying to kill their own self.

It’s funny how for centuries, humans had been exploiting lands and calling themselves kings and what not, all in the name of quenching their insecurity that they are a nobody, a non-entity in this mighty universe, yet disguising their brutal and unforgivable acts with mighty words like Empire and Kingdom as if such erections reaped more fortunes for the man in the street than they did for the the king(oppressor) himself. Kingdoms are nothing but hellish play-ways where the only thing that mattered was that which chocolate the crybaby(king) wanted and he could get you guillotined you if you dared disobey him or hurt his pride!
A child who went out to gain nothing but to disturb the peace of millions just because he couldn’t accept his insecurities and learn to live with them.

All of history is a joke.
Full of crybabies and the usual struggle of installing common sense into society. And unfortunately, it’s still going on. Things are still the same. Thousands of years and here we are. At the origin again, for we never really left this place.
Everything’s the same. As stupid as it could be.
Mere crybabies still trying to make the show all about themselves and other children pelting stones at each other stimulated by one insecurity or the other,
when we’ve always been nothing but one, nothing but earthians.

But some weaklings, are insecure enough to call their creed the better out of any, in the entire universe. Some ungrateful weaklings who breathe on the mercy of plants, who are not even the soul dictators of their own breaths, yet who like to kid themselves by attempting to dictate the whole universe eternally, at which they ultimately fail. Which was never even a question.

Just human things!

humans have never actually elevated themselves to the rank of homo-sapiens(wise beings) and have more or less remained animals right from day 1 and will undoubtedly remain the same till the last. Humans disgust me. They are the worst breed to have ever polluted mother nature with their unwanted existence.

Well, what more do i say. Feels like time-waste.
Let’s take a moment and laugh at what humans have been doing for the entire time they’ve been here.

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