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When Confucius and Einstein taught us that ‘Everything is relative’

Way before the 1st century, Confucius and a century ago, Albert Einstein taught us that everything is relative. From You to I to mother earth and the sky, everything is relative. The way you see the world depends on your point of view and context. What is hot for you might be mild for me, what is success for me might be failure to you. From the economic world to the psychological one, everything is relative. There’s no black and white, there’s only the perspective you choose to look at things.
There are no bad and good things too. There are, just things. We tend to label everything, attach meaning and emotion to things and events and complicate our lives. All of it within a mere bubble.

And thus, everything can change in a snap when you provide context, a different context perhaps.

It depends on how you look at things and the way you look at things is your mere perspective, a mere perspective, not reality or the truth. Therefore, you must always seek a new perspective on life and juggle with them.

You can have anything you can imagine if you are willing to pay the price. But you’ll never be satisfied with life if you just mindlessly try to control everything. You can only control your thoughts, not even your vessel and your thoughts when mastered efficiently can help you achieve your individualized goals. Life is like a river, you can’t control it fully, it flows where it wants, it was flowing before you and will flow long after you. Choosing the right perspective on life matters more than you think and only you can choose one that makes your life meaningful, happy and complete.

You might already be where you want to be and have everything you need. Stop chasing the next shiny thing and ask yourself what is it that you truly want, what does truly hold meaning and matter to you? If you do, you may just save yourself yet another decade of hard work and rather spend that time enjoying life with your loved ones or your pup.

That’s why it’s so important to develop and stay true to your values, live in the moment and treat everyone nicely. You never know the full or even enough of the story to make a full and fair judgment on anything and everything in this universe or maybe multiverse, and thus you shouldn’t judge at all and simply live in awe of things.

Relativity a humbling reminder of the way our psyche is built and our actual impermanence. Therefore, we should merely live in the moment and be mindful of the world both within and without, aiming to contribute to it and make it better.

©Aman k Phoenix

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