Bob Dylan- The legend that lives on!

Bob Dylan is a history archive, having seen it all from the 60s to the present day!And wait, not only having seen it all but having won it all from music awards to the Nobel Prize in Literature like a real Outlaw!Yeah! Dylan has been a man blowing in the wind for quite some time... Continue Reading →

A star is born, and then it dies, leaving life-lessons to be learnt behind!

Stars do not live forever, just like people. Stars are born, live their lives, changing or evolving as they age, and eventually they die. Often stars do this in a much more spectacular way than humans do! And just as they do so, they leave us stunned, opening our minds to the truth of us. The starting... Continue Reading →

Do you talk to the winds

Do you talk to the windsand they tell you your answers!In their own secret languagein a tongue that a very few have mastered!Do the winds whisper secretsabout the world's mysteries in your ears!Do you know that they too have feelingsand become all silent when they're hurt by someone dear!Do you you that they love us... Continue Reading →

The genius of Kurt Cobain

I had not been into grunge music until an year ago when i had suddenly discovered him in an interview saying, "I knew that after some time the drugs would become boring. Just as everything else becomes boring after a while.Like breathing air, you know."And thatwas the moment! That blew my conscience away!That was the... Continue Reading →

The Poet and The Verse (2.0)

The complete form of the poem. What if the one who made this verseis a poet?What if he’s a man who drinks too merrily?If not, then why does his creation seem so magnanimous and yet so silly?If not, then why do the planets seem drunk and wobbly,and the stars always ready to kill each other... Continue Reading →

Why have music eternally in the ears?

Music is out there in the universe and in there within us too.There are few things that stimulate the brain the way music does.If you want to ride the universe and also keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process, listening to or playing music is a great tool. It provides a total brain and... Continue Reading →

If someday you decide to climb down from my dreams

If someday you decideto climb down frommy dreams andinto my bedOh Ginger;i would write poems with the darkest of umber colourson the light vellum beside your silky breastsand wake up with auburn kissesthe butterfly that sleeps on the bellyof your statuette skin. -Lord Phoenix

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