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Good movies, like books and art, can expand our conscience and make us limitless

Movies have been a great part of our lives ever since they took over the world and now they've influenced us to an extent that we barely not live or want to live in some illusionary movie like tale that our own life might be unfolding! Well, there's nothing bad in that. Indeed, it's much... Continue Reading →

Nurturing the mind’s eye and living life with higher consciousness.

Art of Life. Humans are one such breed that have acquired the least amounts of consciousness and live as if they are know-it-alls.Our Conscience is minuscule, and everything we believe in, might turn to be an oasis in reality.Thus, living in the hangover of that little amount of consciousness that we have, is just not... Continue Reading →

What for is life meant to be

"Jimmy Dean was a walking portrait. A piece of art in real life." Looking closely, one can observe how sculpted at his skill Jimmy was. I have never come across an actor as good as jimmy dean. From past hollywood stars to today's global actors, no one has ever had or has a presence as... Continue Reading →

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