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Always have music in your ears. Always stay close to music.

Do you know why life seems so boring?
It's because there's no background music.

We begin life, we die. And what good is the in between, if there’s no music to live by!
We’re all born into unknown hands who then go on to tell us how to live our lives, but then all of a sudden, as we age, the music seems to be ceasing by!
Life seems to become dull!
We seem to walk right into boredom’s snare!

Why do we have to become grumpy as we age?
It makes no sense to me at all, that the very people who hold the world back should be the ones we listen to.
Nope, not at all!

We shouldn’t let others tell us who to be or how to live our lives,
for there is no single way to live a life!
You see?
Just how interesting everything became!
Life, this wonderful gift of life, is full of possibilities and newer horizons!
All that it asks of us, is to not become blind as we age just the way the others do!
And if we succeed at that, then life has the sweetest of experiences and the most enthralling of lives in store for us!

The primary goal for any young, blossoming individual is to not give in to the ways of the Old-World, and simply continue to be who you are.
The world starts to brainwash us, even before we become fully conscious of ourselves.
And that’s just how wicked this human world is.

No bright mind would ever let the mediocre world sneak into his or her mind!

And while the world would try to decimate a free-spirit’s peace of mind, what better can come to a free-spirit’s aid than music!
There is no better world than the world of music!
Listen to Nirvana, listen to The Smiths!
And you would find out they were people who had never given in to the mindless ways of this world.

Constantly having music in your ears also forms and forges your personality.

Find yourself.
Find the right music, your music, and lose yourself into its infinity!
And once you’ve lost and found yourself in music, none can stop you from forging your own empire into reality one day!

All the world’s a stage, mate.
The play is all yours to create.
‘Your music’ being the background of the very play.

Get to know who you are.
Find the music you belong to.
Then go out there and forge an empire in the name of that song while listening to it!

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