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You are not incomplete. You just need to peek within.

Declare yourself a complete person, out loud, to the universe!

Announce with pride that you are whole just the way you are!

Announce that you are full with Self-love!

We are self conscious beings.
Beings of self doubt, which might only turn out to be an illusion at the end of the day.

All our lives we listen to opinions all day long, both unconsciously and consciously. From tv and people who want to tell us how we should do things, or how we should feel, think, and act.

And all of that, makes the whole water completely muddy.

It makes us forget our cause, and we begin to follow a senseless effect, just the same way as the world!

And that’s why, we should learn as early as we can, to not let the world in.
To create fences in the mind and only let soul-food(love) in and out.
For the ultimate filter of our life is our inner wisdom, that piece of unconditional love that guides us.

And this guidance is available to all of us.
It’s right there within us.
We just have to find it!

And this guidance is available to all of us.
It’s right there within us.
We just have to find it!

And what better way to find it than with ‘questions’.

Ask yourself:

Am I really incomplete?

Is self-doubt just a worldly feeling?

What am I refusing to see?   

What am I ignoring?  

Can something outside of me really complete me?

It is just illogical, isn’t it?

I am already enough. I am complete.

You may not get all the answers at first, but with a quest and affirmations, you will start to build a connection with your inner world.

Our brains will always have a conditioned response to these questions at first,
but when we breathe, seek, scratch the surface within and begin to feel into the answers,
a new message may emerge for us.
A new perspective may arise forth us!
That may open the gates to the world within!
We might begin to understand ourselves better and become confident in who we are.

‘Being’ in the present, is all we need to learn.

There is no better place than here, than now.
Being present is one of the most challenging tasks we can undertake,
but in order to feel complete we need to learn to master the present and just ‘be’. And do not let the mind deviate.
Otherwise, we will forever be chasing the next best thing, and never really live!

We can try these to focus the mind and be present :

What am I thinking?

What am I doing right this minute? 

Where has my mind taken me?

And most importantly, am I breathing fully?

This shall hopefully bring us back to the present moment.


As one embarks on their own path,
on the journey within oneself,
which begins with willingness and the realization that something is missing,
one would undoubtedly wave goodbye to who one thought one was before,
and will simply fall in love with the gift that one is.

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