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The schools of today need to be replaced with schools of ‘thought’

You see, the goal of mainstream education is to produce a massive workforce.

They recruit curious minds first,
and then numb them by instilling in them the fear of failing and facing humiliation in front of many,
so that they can then indoctrinate them easily and produce whatever they want out of the masses.

Conventional education uses our very ‘psychology’ against us.
Our very human nature to the best of its advantage.

People are made to enter the rat race,
by making them believe it makes them intelligent, educated and smart,
when none even know what the definition of ‘Education’ and ‘Intelligence’ is.


Self-education is the only education there is.

School kills curiosity. School kills genius.
School is indoctrination.
And interestingly, a sheep never became an Einstein.

It seems being bad at school is a prerequisite to being a genius.

Also, schools brainwash children into certain ideologies, which keeps the world in the same place and hinders it from progressing towards a more unified, harmonious world.

The only thing that should be instilled in children is ‘Critical Thought.’

The only thing that children should be taught is to doubt everything into which they are tried to be indoctrinated.

It’s high time things change, and recent courses like one offered by Google simply reveal the plot behind the workings of the education system.

It’s high time we bring back schools of thought and provide justice to something that was once started by Socrates known as ‘The Socratic Method’ which was based on leading questions that led a person to the understanding of the subject matter in question!

And there’s also a quote that famously goes by, “The world cannot become a good place until kings become philosophers or philosophers become kings.”

Well, that was a thing of the days past.

But then, what about the future?
Well, the future won’t be much different,
for they say,
“The future belongs to the auto-didact(self-taught).”

And thus, if we won’t begin to think, and change now, then when will we?

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  1. Well today’s school generation is bit unsettled based on standards of their school. The high standard schools and parents are apprantely forcing the babies and toddlers to study the high level and they believe spending lakhs of money is the only best education. Most kids are forced to learn many things at a time which is too much for their age. Whereas average and below average school students are neither following any discipline nor taking their life seriously. Somewhere there is a gap in all directions and it is only possible to overcome by changing the system for sure. Philosophers would definitely run the system much better than politicians.

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