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Do you know what the soul and you are?

What is the soul, asked Rumi to me.
Who is it who sits in my ear when I speak?
Who is it who sees the world through my eyes?
Who is it within me who looks at me in the mirror?

Oh, the questions of Rumi my master and my oblivious conscience!

What is the soul and where is it within you?
When I ask you who you are, will you know?

You are the observer seated within you who looks at the world through your vessel.
You are that mere conscience in your vessel.
And thus, they say ‘know thyself’.

Well, the very first step in the process of living a full-fledged life, indeed, is knowing who we are.

And Homo sapiens (wise beings) are one gift of a species in all honesty, yet we still haven’t ever tapped into our real potential, for we do not even know who we are!

Therefore, expanding one’s conscience and attaining higher awareness aka ‘knowing oneself’ should be the primary goal of any human who aims to live life fully.

Get to know yourself. Find out who you are.
Dig deep within and you shall find a fountain.

Once we’ve begin to develop a deeper understanding of ourself, we need to apply the same to the world around us and observe it with those very eyes of reason.

Form worldviews. Read the greats. Of every field. And on and on.

And after you have the world in the palm of your hands, although just in the mind,
form some goals based on the things you want, get out there and charge at life like an entrepreneur and don’t stop until you get what you want.

Each man reveals his own path unto himself.

And thus, having divined clarity, it depends completely on the individual the path he wishes to take and the life he wishes to live, in order to accomplish his sense of fulfillment.

And as every soul is already home,
it wouldn’t matter if one wins or loses at life,
for life is nothing but mere play, a mere dream.

8 thoughts on “Do you know what the soul and you are?

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  1. Knowing yourself and learning is a lifetime project. that is never complete. The older I get the more I understand it is never finished because we and the world around us are constantly changing. Your last statement is so true. It is all just play.

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  2. Hello Aman – excellent work!

    You reference ‘conscience’ in your work, and you have done before; I wonder if your interpretation of ‘conscience’ is actually ‘consciousness’ – or am I confusing the two?

    Best wishes to you!

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    1. I meant them both in regard to ‘the understanding of oneself’ since both words originate from the same place, the same root. Plus, I would say Conscience is rather subjective based on the depth of one’s understanding of oneself.


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