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The Buffets, Gates and Dalios who bet on the markets

People who wish to emulate and base their entire lives on hedging/betting on the markets,
should also back their lives with a permanent skillset to save the day and keep the money flowing if they fail at the markets entirely!

Also, do not try to follow in the footsteps of the Buffets, the Gates or the Dalios.
All you need is just a tiny bit more
than an adequate amount of money
to secure life.
Beyond that, isn’t needed
and thus, is unnecessary.

Money(security) merely secures you to begin living! To begin life!
Therefore, focus more on living and exhausting yourself with things you love!

There are no role models in this world!

Specially not in this era brainwashed by and with Capitalism.

The Buffets, Dalios, Gates and Zuckerbergs motivate you to work your ass off all day long, to chase the American dream,
while they, just sit and fart all day long and do nothing.

And they’ve got no skills too.
Lame people with deep pockets.
Betting on the markets is a pretty good way
for the top tier to sustain their idle lives.

Go out there, and live!
Go out there, and exhaust yourself!
At least build a skillset or die doing something you love!

Be a good example for someone on how to live life.

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