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Nurturing the mind’s eye and living life with higher consciousness.

Art of Life.

Humans are one such breed that have acquired the least amounts of consciousness and live as if they are know-it-alls.
Our Conscience is minuscule, and everything we believe in, might turn to be an oasis in reality.
Thus, living in the hangover of that little amount of consciousness that we have, is just not appropriate.

One of the repercussions of our hungover psyche is that we never really decide what life to live without being influenced by outside circumstances. There’s no man on earth who says he’s going to live within himself for there’s nothing outside of him.

We do not even choose our names to begin with and our beliefs are just an out of our reach topic. None of our beliefs are actually ours. They are the beliefs of a world that has never realized it’s potential and fucked itself up because of it’s lame, illogical prehistoric mindset. The futuristic technologies don’t make much of a difference when the minds are still hanging out in the old days, in the same old ways, with the same old buddies.

And aren’t we our beliefs?
We are. We have a tendency to become our beliefs and defend them as if our pride matters more than anything else.
And this is where and why Living with Uncertainty becomes so meritorious.

A rigid belief is where the road of intelligence ends.

And for all of these reasons, it’s ever more important to be humble and always be aware of what we feed to our soul.
Not everything is good, and the really good things are just a few. There are merely a few critically logical and thought-out facts that one needs to know to gain an edge over life and the human world.

Just a few facts, and questions.
The rest is all ignorance, in abundance, found everywhere in the human world.

Expose yourself to the best of mankind. Read Voltaire, read Tolstoy, read Shakespeare, read Dickinson, Wilde and Neruda. Even explore James Dean and read the legendary Stanislavsky. Research about Nikola Tesla. Listen to Mozart and Beethoven. Dive into the depths of the starry music of rock bands. Decipher a Picasso, decode a Da Vinci painting or the man himself!
Expand your conscience. Formulate your own mind.
Since by doing all of this, more than you’ll help yourself, you’ll be helping the world and making it a better place since the world starts from the individual.

Thus, base your life on a foundation of logic and questions, learn to live with uncertainty and choose whoever you want to be.

And sanity shall live forever and you,

will become a leader who leads by example.
A true elite.

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