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“The Marlon Mirror” (or Creating your ideal self and responding to life as the ideal person in you would!)

In the world of acting, there’s one actor who’s stood the test of time like no other. And yupp. It’s Marlon Brando indeed.

Practice being your ideal self.

In brief, he was known to give the audience what they wanted. He projected that very image that the audience wanted to see the character as.
He almost had this double layer to himself, with the outer one being the mirror,giving the audience what they want and the inner one would be his practiced self, acting almost on autopilot. For the man was one heck of a hustler.

And what I’m trying to deduce from the legendary Marlon Brando and his colossal acting game is that we can use the same in our lives as well, to live as the self we want to be.
To impress our own selves by having our ideal game on at all times.

Losers react. Leaders anticipate.

As I’ve already said in my last post that there’s nothing external that’ll truly make you happy and that happiness always comes from within.
With that being said, we’re left with none other but our own selves to make this the best life possible and each fleeting moment the most memorable.

This thing called ‘The Marlon Mirror’ can work on top of “Method Acting” your way into the star you wanna be.
So what are you waiting for?
Go, redesign and rebuild your entire life the way you want.
And who knows, if all that manifestation might even end up getting you an acting role and the next time you blink, you might have become the next big thing in the world!

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