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James Dean – The life, philosophy and sheer will of the legendary actor and icon!

Very few young actors in Hollywood history have been able to reach the legendary status of James Dean. The rebellious actor only starred in three films during his short career, but the impression he made on brooding teenage audiences was unmatched. His sensitive bad boy image has captivated both men and women for decades. In fact, over 60 years have passed since his tragic death, and yet he is still remembered as one of the greats, a cultural icon for the troubled and disillusioned.
James Dean’s life was short and stormy. The image above is reputed to be the last official photo taken of the actor, taken on the day of his death. In it, he sits in the driver seat of his Porsche 550 Spyder with friend and mechanic Rolf Wutherich.

Dean never did have a stable life.
He lost his mother to cancer at the vulnerable age of 9. Then he didn’t even get along with his only parent left, his father! Ever!
The boy having suffered a grave loss in his childhood, dented his mind forever and left him craving for love!
A love that could never be fulfilled!
Such craving for love that he tried to manifest it and compensate for it via stardom and the psychological illusion of love that stardom brings along with itself.
A craving that made him the ferocious force that he was!
To be somebody and to know love!
The man had vowed to himself the day his mother died that he was going to make something of himself in this ruthless world!
And boy, didn’t he follow through on his words!

Maybe it was the trauma, maybe it was his own willpower, maybe it was both, but the man became so intensely focused after that that he had even turned into an insomniac. Working day and night, all the time, to improve himself and his craft!

Jimmy turned to philosophy as most men in pain do not do so. He read poetry and kept on improving his craft all the time. One of the major impacts of philosophy on him was the realization that “Only the gentle are ever truly powerful.” And he always tried to be just that. Gentle. On top of his genius!

He went on to create something which is callled the jimmy dean puzzle based on his lifestyle, philosophy and insomniac levels of devotion to his craft. There’s so much to learn from the man, not just about acting but mainly about being that ideal, near-perfect being on this planet. The kind of beings that are desperately needed on the planet. Men of philosophy and a sound mind.
I’m hopeful there will come a time when there’ll be many a men with sound minds.

To conclude,
I would say James Dean, his art and charm are invincible. Since only the gentle are ever truly strong.

There haven’t been many men as determined as James Dean was.
Such men of passion, men of hearts and men of philosophy is what the human breed desperately needs, or else they’re going to perish before it’s time.

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