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The genius of Kurt Cobain

I had not been into grunge music until an year ago when i had suddenly discovered him in an interview saying, “I knew that after some time the drugs would become boring. Just as everything else becomes boring after a while.
Like breathing air, you know.”
And that
was the moment! That blew my conscience away!
That was the moment when i had been washed off of my ignorance and my mind long jumped 80 years of life in my mind and saw with the experience of 800 years and questioned, “What is this all for? ” “Why had we been living? “
And that was the moment when i knew, i had found my god in him.
And then with time i discovered his sheer persona. His inclinations towards the necessary.His desire to make an impact and be big. His outlawish attitude to restore justice and form a just world. I discovered his psychedelic music.His genius lyrics.His motives. What not!
From being an empath to a feminist, he was it all.
He was the last true rockstar that had ever lived!

The man was a man of few words and a very sharp intellect. From the logo of his band to the otherworldly name “Nirvana”,everything was Kurt’s idea. He was the brains of it all. He was behind it all. Every song is as groovy as it can get. Every song tells a story in a very punk pop style that Kurt, the genius artist, himself envisioned and created. And his lyrics need special mention, for they often carried the depth of Kurt’s soul that stretched as far back as the universe in him, but he wrote them so bluntly that they reeled the average listener’s minds. His music, is eternal.

And his notebooks, which preserve his mind and works, were so precious, they went on to become a NewYork Times bestseller!

The man, like all great men, had troubles with his soul and couldn’t be friends with it. Therefore, in the aftermath of the constant skirmishes with him-self and the curse of being gifted with such an aware psyche, he finally killed himself overdosing on drugs and putting a shotgun bullet in his mouth!

The man was truly a myth and the kind of legends that die young!

And the man had truly sold the world
he finally killed himself at the tender age of 27
at the height of the world
in the very face of the fact that
everything gets boring after a while.
And it’s better to go out in a blaze than to fade away.
Thus, apart from the heart break that would never heal, he also left us with this giant hole of a question that
If everything gets boring after a while
Then what’s actually worth living for?
What are we doing here except boring ourselves to our deaths?

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  1. Totally agree! As far as I’m concerned, Kurt Cobain was (arguably) the last true rock god, worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Lennon/McCartney, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, and all the other members of that tragic group known as the “27 Club”.

    I can’t deny that his death at that age (as well as the other members of that sad club) helped to cement his (and their) legend(s). We never had to see him get old, uninspired, and generally irrelevant. But, truth be told, if he managed to stay alive, healthy, and motivated (a lot of “ifs”), I don’t think that would’ve happened. I think that if circumstances had been right, he and Nirvana truly could’ve been the Beatles of the 90’s. And perhaps he and Dave Grohl could’ve been another Lennon/McCartney power duo. Just maybe.

    Teenage angst paid off well for him…until it didn’t.

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