If someday you decide to climb down from my dreams

If someday you decideto climb down frommy dreams andinto my bedOh Ginger;i would write poems with the darkest of umber colourson the light vellum beside your silky breastsand wake up with auburn kissesthe butterfly that sleeps on the bellyof your statuette skin. -Lord Phoenix

How Art can change the individual, the society and the world at mere will.

Humans are visual beings above all and understand the language of sign, symbols and images the most more than anything else. Therefore, via art and the truth, we can discover and understand a lot about other aspects of the psyche and the world that we would have never known otherwise. Art can influence every individual.Art... Continue Reading →

Her starry eyes

We were seated by an open windowto catch a shooting star,but i kept gazingat the ecstasy of her faceand made wishes to the moonsthat poured enchantingly from her starry past. -Lord Phoenix

What for is life meant to be

"Jimmy Dean was a walking portrait. A piece of art in real life." Looking closely, one can observe how sculpted at his skill Jimmy was. I have never come across an actor as good as jimmy dean. From past hollywood stars to today's global actors, no one has ever had or has a presence as... Continue Reading →

The one in my flute.

Sitting under the pale moonlightwhile i played the flute,blew a gentle breeze andi found myself lost in the melodybeneath the falling leaves.Then i could tell no further who i were.I couldn't tell ifi were the flute, the breath or the reed.And in my oblivion,i felt one with the present.I felt one with the flute, the... Continue Reading →

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