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The importance of dancing, like an idiot.

I am a deep believer in the importance and power of dance – it rids the soul of worries and helps it break free out of the body. Thus, be awkward. Make your own moves. Dance.

Dancing is one of the most releasing and necessary of all activities – but we too frequently hold back from the worry that we ‘can’t dance.’ Look, the whole point is to move about wildly without shame – and that in doing so, we connect with the universe and with important forgotten bits of ourselves.

Dancing like nobody’s watching not only rids us from our fear of being ourselves completely while dancing but also in everything that we do.
The most irrational of fears, that are powerful enough to paralyze us in our actions and hold us back from achieving what we want.

Most people have felt ‘the spotlight effect’, if not when dancing then while doing something (virtually anything) in a public setting. The fear that everybody around is not only watching us but also judging us, is strong enough to prevent us from attempting anything in which there’s a risk (real or merely conceived) of failure.
I’m not going to get into the psychology of it but if you’re reading this then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So, how in the name of all that is good, i would say we are supposed to overcome this paralyzing fear and become the great dancers that we are destined to be! Because if we don’t, then we’ll never have lived our lives to the fullest, or even lived the lives that we would have wanted to live.

What’s normalcy but the lack of courage, they say.

So, rid yourself of yourself, and let your soul tune in with the universe.
For when you are genuinely free from the anxiety of being judged by others, you don’t care how much of an idiot you look like. You loosen up, you get going and then the magic starts to happen!
And you become one with the stars!

6 thoughts on “The importance of dancing, like an idiot.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! We should all dance — whenever and wherever we can. Nobody is really watching. Nobody really cares what moves we’re making. So let’s dance!

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  2. Hi! I’ll dance anywhere, but I also used to go to an event where we danced in the dark – blacked out the windows, turned out the lights, turned on the music and just let loose. I completely agree, dance is so liberating and relaxing, and not just for the professionals or those with training: everyone should try it!

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