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Reading the right literature and it’s impact on the person and world

Literature has existed from the advent of written human existence to throughout our history.
Apart from serving as a source of history, the literature of the best minds also helps us to peek deep inside the human psyche and develop insightful understanding of not only the psyche but the world around us and the global happenings in it.

The human world has created a lot of unhelpful and unnecessary scenarios spanning over a large time scale, which disallow the man in the street to look through the keyhole of the world and develop insights. Some, have even taken advantage of this human condition of ignorant oblivion and tried to turn the world upside down to suit their gains.

To restrain such things, literature comes into the act. A well-read person is pretty hard to fool.
And it’s often the well read who go on to become the framers and makers of the world. A better world.

And not just literature, for just like other fields, a lot of useless mess lies around here and there in literature and is said to be a boon for life but isn’t necessarily so. Also, the ones who’s works are actually highly influential often remain unread and underrated.
Thus, in order to train the mind’s eye to look for the right geniuses of literature, i would say the best approach is the dark academia approach.
One should put a cloak on and search old gothic style libraries for dead poets and authors and their forbidden works.
This way, we would not only become elite and develop sharp wits and insights but would also contribute to framing a better, personality laden world for the future.
And oh, the father of the dark academia elites would be the genius Oscar Wilde.

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