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If a philosophy isn’t worth having, then life isn’t worth living.

Well,Β  Descartes once said he thought therefore he was, but we, do not think, so does that mean that we do not exist?
Yeah, it is a pretty good question perhaps, that we exist or do not exist.For life, like a dream, is encapsulated by darkness all around and we’re terrified of waking up from this dream aka dying.And we know nothing beyond the darkness that surrounds us. Therefore, how can we prove that we exist? Haha. Aren’t we living in a dream?

And i bet most of you might never have thought about it and simply lead your lives the way it is supposed to be lead.
But wait, don’t you think it can be a trap?
I mean they never allow us to make decisions for ourselves. They name us themselves. They send us to schools themselves. They in fact, dictate our lives by themselves.
Who can this be!
Aah. I guess this is the best place to introduce philosophy. Haha.
“Philosophy is the very foundation of a fully-fledged life.”
If you haven’t dug deep into yourself and gone onto realize the truths of life, then you’ll end up living a life ‘they’ say is the best for you.
And you’ll live on till death as nothing but a mere puppet.
And trust me, this is what they want you to be.
A puppet.
A sheep.
And never question the bigger things in life.
Ever wonder why they try to kill your curiosity from day one?
I hope you get the message.
And the message is that
if a philosophy isn’t worth having,
then life isn’t worth living.

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