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The role of poetry and art in forming an individual.

Everyone begins life oblivious and at the mercy of others. We barely develop enough conscience before we are moulded into someone else. Someone who would a sheep of the society.
Who never even chose who he wanted to be in the first place and was thrust upon by propaganda and weakness.

Yet, if we look at some of the top individuals from across generations, then we’re destined to find some scintillating beings who effortlessly regained their authentic selves, the selves they were born with, having rejected the status quo that was thrust upon them.

And in doing this, apart from a higher conscience, art and poetry also comes into play.
The greatest of poetry and masterpieces reveal to us the truths of life.
There are a basic set of truths that one must be aware of, in order to accept, choose and live the best life possible.
Moreover, the aesthetic effects of art and poetry also have an impact on us and our psyche. We tend to become more authentic and charismatic by surrounding ourselves with depth and magic and sheer class.
The best example being the artists, their lifestyles and the centuries of the past and unfortunately we’ve lost all that class.
So why not revive it back?
And become the best that there ever was.

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