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I’m breathing my last and only god can save me, but wait, will he?

We’re trapped in the midst of a global pandemic and an existential crisis as well.
In retrospect, these are the best times to ponder upon a matter of subject that floats around us in the air on a daily basis.
We should be logical enough to question why is god for God’s sake trying to kill us?
Or that in a time like this, where is he?

His followers are dying, but he’s not coming over to help any of them.
Infact, if one tries to go over to his God’s so-called home, then he’s sure to get himself killed and also infect and possibly kill many others along with him.
So the question of the hour is that why is god doing such a thing?
Why isn’t he helping us all?
Is he disgusted by humans?
If yes, then it did take the lord a lot of time to come to his senses.
Or maybe he has changed his plans about this universe and the way things are in it and decided to exterminate humans from it,
in a different episode of mass extinction.
Just like he made the dinosaurs disappear once.
It seems too much ego is the summit from where the tale begins to end, aye!

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