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Isn’t this the best time to ReThink and redirect our lives since the soul often expends it’s passions upon false objects

To be honest, there is no blueprint out there
that one must follow.
There is no one true path devised to be followed.
The human world out there isn’t a well synchronised place with everything sound and systematic.
And thus, it’s quite easy for the world to lead one astray.

one thing that stands above all is building a skill-set, which will eventually start to pay one, and it’ll be a life well lived.
But this too, has varied repercussions since we live in a capitalistic world and not every profession offers the equal sum of money.

Reality has been made even more blurry with the passage of time and advent of the media.
The media sells manufactured definitions of success and we often wind up believing that itself to be the right path and success.
Which is actually not so!

From an early age, one must begin to think for oneself and start to filter out all the useless information that one keeps on absorbing through their senses. This, must be learned, at some point in their life, the earliest being the best.
teaching oneself about the world is one of the best workouts that one can do.

By doing this, one could develop self-awareness
and a healthy, all-rounded, all-knowing, flexible brain and it will aid in building the best life possible.

Thus, by studying oneself and the world
one will come to the point of understanding that a lot of the things in the world are pure garbage that would love to drag you into living an empty shell of a life.
And one could, above all else, see,
that he himself is his worst enemy.
And the passions of his being are the first and foremost thing that need to be looked after.

And that one should make his life and career choices after a healthy amount of thinking and reflection since the world awaits the best or the worst in you.

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