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Finding yourself, in the midst of a global halt.

When i was a child, i dreamt a dream.
The dream of being the best footballer on the whole planet. And i knew i had it in me.
I was so passionate about it that
I could see myself at the top of the world.
I could see myself driving a Lamborghini and
a Bugatti and living in a Mansion and fucking all the bad bitches.
I could see myself having it all.
I saw the ideal capitalistic dream.

But little did i notice,
the perks were the most part of the dream and passion(the game) was almost a negligible part of it.

Apart from having the ball at my feet, i could also see the world at my feet.
Separating passion from perks seemed as hard as separating two young lovers.
I thought i was in it for football.But all i kept seeing was the perks.
Why? Why did i have such a fictitious mindset? Why didn’t i see a clearer picture?
What if i became the best in the world? And yet, didn’t have the world at my feet?
Infact what if i became the best on the planet and yet not a single person knew me, and i never got paid for it?
Would i still want to play?
Just for the sake of playing? And not for the sake of fame and money? Since playing was my only dream.
What did i really want?
Did i really want the dream?
Or was i just kidding myself?
But, the world led me here. The world led me on this path.
The world preached me to follow my dreams!
Infact this, is what they taught me to dream!
This, is the very thing they taught me to chase!
Is the world a lying whore?
Or does the world simply keeps kidding itself?
Does the world actually know a thing?
What was it?

Did ‘I’ dream ‘the dream’?
Or did THEY Feed it into my HEAD?

I questioned myself.
I questioned my dream, the cause of the dream, everything
and reached the very core of my being
and what i saw,
terrified me!

I realized my mind was a product of capitalism, where it had been brainwashed into believing that more money means more happiness and being the best meant having the world at my feet.I realized the celebrities and stars weren’t even their own bosses and were simply specks on the wheel whereas the real bosses hid behind the wheels while they kept turning it and they, were the actual ones who knew all the truths. Actual Reality is much more different than just Popular Opinion.

For i could become the best player in the world and still choose to stay unknown, living the life of a sage, somewhere in some small Shaolin town in China.
And as far as ‘the cliched dream’ is concerned,
wasn’t i ‘already’ ‘living the-dream’ while i used to ‘play football’ with the ones i loved the most every evening between 4 to 6, when life used to be simpler, way before i ever allowed the world to enter my mind? Before i ever allowed the world to fuck me up?

Money, is a separate discipline.
So why learn a sport to earn money?
When i can learn money to earn money.
I’m glad i know this, else i would have wasted my entire life learning one skill and expecting not the skillset but money from it. There’s a hierarchy to things, to the amount of money you’re allowed to have.
Capitalism,without doubt
is such a dope thing.

The more I’m growing, the more I’m realizing that ‘life’s all about getting behind your own back to the best of your ability’ to make sure you “get to the playground by 4o’clock to play with the ones you cherish the most!”

are no role models.
Don’t emulate anyone.
Lead your own way.
Keep struggling.
The journey is the destination.
Have some cocaine if you feel low.

You don’t eat just through your mouth but all of your senses. So Watch what you eat.
You are what you eat.

Be different.

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